Support Your Bereaved Client the Best Way Possible
DONATION WORKSHOP: Learn how to support a client and their family during the difficult time of bereavement/grief.
What You'll Learn
Learn the Tools of Support

Discover new means of supporting a family during their time of bereavement/grief like Brainspotting.

How to Support the ENTIRE Family without Secondary Trauma 

Learn the secrets that these practitioners have learned over their years of extensive training, adding more skills to add to your "Tool Bag" of care. You will gain knowledge needed right now (even if you think this work is not for you!)

Support your own Mental Health Without Secondary Trauma

How to create a path that liberates not only your client & family, but yourself... keeping you from that easily attainable secondary trauma (and the #1 reason most people don't do this!)

Let's me help you support yourself and those who need you most in their darkest hour of need!

In this workshop, I'll teach you:

  • How to identify ways to give more customized support to your client & family

  • The best and most effective ways to help prevent secondary trauma

  • How you can help to make memories for those families experiencing this transition from feeling alone & frustrated to feeling loved, heard, & supported

  • The exact tools myself & my fellow workshop co-hosts, and our steps taken to do this for ourselves
Freeing families is what I do. I've helped over 40 families in the last year facilitate their transition ceremony, and this workshop will get you on the right path to gain those same skills we all use on discussed to help get you started supporting families.

Start creating your desired life today!

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