Call out who this course is for

What is the promise of the course

Talk to your clients pain points, their problems, their worries

With this course, you will...

  • What are the promises or transformations your course will give to your clients?
In case it's been a while since you XYZ, 

More of your promise/result...

  • List why these results are important
More promises

  • Again, why does your client want these results
More about why your course will benefit your client

Something your client wants - more sleep, more energy, more whatever

Hi, I'm Name here

A little bio of yourself and your story.  Why you are the go to person for the results you promise.

Your Name

My mission is to help your Bat signal

More about your mission related to bat signal.  Your why


The XYZ Course

The XYZ course is for clients who want to ABC

The XYZ course gives you:

  • some of the 'features' of the course
.... Plus personalized support

There’s if you have group coaching put that here
Put your image here - if you have a value stack image (computer, phone, tablet with your course, put it here).  Can make on Canva

The XYZ course is packed full of valuable ABC resources
Enrolment Options
Put a picture here is you want to visually show different pricing options for your course.  Make on Canva

Invest Price
       Course Only
        $225 USD
                     (or 3 x $75/month)
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         Course + Support
         $447 USD
                     (or 6 x $75/month)
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The XYZ course covers...
...everything you need to know to start getting the sleep of your DREAMS.
Module 1
 Describe what they learn

Module 2
Describe what they learn
  • .
Wondering if you are a good fit?

The XYZ course is for you if:
  • list out who will benefit most

The XYZ course is not ideal if:
  • Call out some objections or opposites of your course

Either have screenshots from FB or beta testers, or put a testimonial with a picture made in Canva

Take A Look Inside
Here is a little tour of the course hub, to get a feel of how the course is organized and what is inside.
(Make a video of your vault and any features

Frequently Asked Questions...
Q: 1?


Q: 2?


Q: 3?


Q: 4.


Q: 5?


Q: 6

Q: I have other questions, how can I get answers?

Email with *XYZ Course Question* in the subject line.

If you have a money back guarantee put it here

The XYZ course is packed full of ABC resources
Enrolment Options
(same as above)
Invest Price
     Course Only
     $225 USD
            (or 3 x $75/month)
           Grab It Now
        $447 USD
                 (or 6 x $75/month)
                  Next Cohort - September 2022 

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A final call out to some of their desires

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